Synthetic Drugs. Real Damage.

Crimestoppers was targeting new synthetic drugs users and dealers.

These drugs were legally sold in confectionary-style packaging (pictured) online, and in adult shops, herb shops and tobacconists.

New legislation made these deadly drugs illegal. Crimstoppers asked us to help with an education campaign that targeted and educated users as well as members of the community.

One of the pieces we produced was the authentic looking fake drug packaging above. We didn’t put chemicals inside. The ‘drug bag’ contained a mini brochure. These ‘fake deals’ were distributed in bars, nightclubs and during workplace safety drug tests at mine sites. Over 10,000 were produced.

In a world first, we negotiated with Google to buy illegal drugs search terms and target messaging against user searches.

Synthetic drugs: Google world first search terms case study.


Synthetic drugs: 30 sec TVC
We also made a TV spot.