Al and me got briefed by Noelle to come up with a cool idea for Holloway Eyewear so TV Director Alex Chomnicz could showcase his amazing talents.

The brief was to create a video that reflected the core philosophy of the Holloway Eyewear brand and the methods used to create their product. The key point of difference for their sunglasses was the choice of material. The frames were machined and crafted from the wood of old, discarded skateboard decks that gave each pair a unique style and finish. Browsing through their studio, it was evident that everything they created came from recycled materials, a key aspect to how they operated as a business.
This triggered the idea for our video – ‘Reinvent’. Celebrate the ability to recycle and reuse. The idea was a Billy Cart race

I keep meaning to organize that annual West End go cart race.

30 sec TVC – Recycled go carts

Agency: Freelance
Director: Alex Chomnitz
Producer: Noelle Jones